Thursday, September 04, 2008

The rich are not like you and I - the McCain's covert adoption

We have adopted 3 children. Our agency interviews would have been rather brief if we tried a "Cindy McCain" ...

Talking Points Memo | What Does This Say About McCain?

... Karl Rove this morning told yet another variation on the story of the McCains' adoption of their daughter Bridget. In his version, like the others I've heard, Cindy didn't tell John in advance that she was bringing this child back with her from abroad. She just did it, a fact which usually gets a hardy-har-har from friendly audiences.

In Rove's version today, Cindy specifically told someone else not to tell John in advance. The point of Rove's story was that John McCain needs to reveal more of himself publicly so that voters can see the kind of character he has...

Holy cow. Did Child Protective services in her state know what the $%!#$ Cindy McCain was doing? In Minneapolis the animal shelters don't allow this kind of "surprise" adoption (seriously - they interview).

Cindy McCain is astoundingly wealthy. She doesn't have to follow the laws we mortals face.

Tell me again about Obama's elitism. I seem to be having some kind of hearing problem ...

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