Thursday, September 04, 2008

Daily Show savages the GOP flip-floppers

In a brilliantly savage video the Daily Show contrasts right winger's responses to Palin to ... well ... everything they've ever said before. John Stewart looks like he's about to explode. You can't blame Dick Morris though, because, as Stewart says, "he's a lying sack of ****".

Some of my more logically minded friends are having trouble believing that the right wing can be so internally inconsistent. They need to read more Orwell.

The GOP has DoubleSpeak deep in their DNA. They do this stuff because it works; because a very large number of Americans are driven by emotion rather than reason.

I fear it's not enough, but John Stewart is a certified guardian of the enlightenment.

Update 8/5/08: Krugman connects GOP DoubleSpeak to their successful exploitation of a culture of resentment. Of course by stating the obvious, that Americans are easily exploited this way, we expose our skepticism of the wisdom of the average American, which makes them resentful, which serves the GOP agenda ...

They're really good at this game.

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