Thursday, October 09, 2008

Dow 9,000 - forget retirement, what about college?

Krugman points out that we're kind of in free fall ...Dow 9,000! .

I think we may have broken the 1987 % decline record for the S&P 500. If not we'll be there soon.

Now that's a bit of a drag for our retirement, but, what the heck, we'll keep doing our dollar cost averaging. If the S&P doesn't recover we're completely scr***d anyway. Maybe our investments will recover sometime in the next 20 years, because we're definitely at the grindstone until age 70.

The bigger deal is the childrens' college education.

That's closer, and the 529s are getting clobbered.

I wonder if we'll see a slowing in the incredible inflationary growth of college tuition.

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