Thursday, October 09, 2008

Halamka's Clothing List - for cold weather

John Halamka, a geek's geek, has listed his cold weather clothing preferences:
Life as a Healthcare CIO: Staying Warm in New England

A torso base layer of thin polyester (Arcteryx Rho LT)
A torso shell layer of Gortex Pro Shell (Arcteryx Alpha LT)
A lower extremity combination of thin insulation and shell (Arcteryx Gamma MX)
A head base layer of thin polyester (OR Ninjaclava)
A warm, windproof hat (OR Windpro Hat)
A hand base layer of thin polyester (OR PL100 Gloves)
A waterproof/windproof shell layer (OR Cornice Mitts)
A belay jacket on my upper extremity when I stop moving (Arcteryx Solo)
"Knowing" Halamka as I do, I wager this is a good list to work from. He's an ice climber and insanely geeky, you won't get better recommendations than this.

Arcteryx (new to me - vancouver based, impressive looking stuff) and Outdoor Research get the glory.

Not cheap of course. I might put one or more of these on my holiday list ...

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