Friday, October 24, 2008

Lessons from the faked Todd attack

The unhappy young woman who claimed a big black man carved a 'B' on her face has admitted she made everything up.

She'll face charges from the Pittsburgh police, who were neither deceived nor amused.

We learned a few things however.

Matt Drudge was very keen on the story, he believed it immediately and deeply. Matt Drudge is a racist idiot.

Michelle Malkin is less stupid that Matt Drudge. Who knew? She wasn't fooled.

McCain and Palin both personally called Todd. They are desperate ... and credulous.

A Fox news exec said proof the story was false would doom McCain's bid -- because it would show he was so desperate he'd resort to race baiting.

He was right about playing into race baiting. In a rational nation this would indeed doom Palin/McCain, but that's not our world.

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