Sunday, November 23, 2008

Closing Guantanamo - the stupidity

Here's where the stupidity factor comes into discussions of closing Guantanamo ...
Editorial - The Price of Our Good Name -

...Does this mean that truly dangerous men will be set free, to go back to plotting more attacks against America? No...
Argghhh. The stupidity rayzzz ... they burnzzz...

Yes. Some of these men will be "dangerous". All men are.

Yes some dangerous men will be freed. If they weren't dangerous before they were stuck in an American prison for 8 years they'd be dangerous now.

Yes. Some of them will try to kill Americans. Wouldn't you?

Yes. Some of them will plot attacks? Wouldn't you?

What do we expect - gratitude?

We did a stupid thing. There's a price to pay for stupid decisions.

If they were prisoners of war, and the war was over, they'd be released. Even if they were possibly "dangerous".

The "war on terror" is, like the "war on evil", not a war. It's an eternal process.

We can either kill them all now, keep them forever (roughly equivalent to killing them all), or close Guantanamo and send them back to do whatever they choose to do.

The latter is the least evil act.

Stupidity has its consequences. Next time, America, don't elect someone like George Bush.

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