Saturday, November 22, 2008

Obama YouTube - Minnesota can expect some bridges

We're the state who's bridge fell down a couple of years ago. Looks like we can expect some accelerated bridge maintenance ...
Obama Vows Swift Action on Vast Economic Stimulus Plan

...Mr. Obama’s address, a video of which was made available on YouTube, was the keynote of an effort to calm tumultuous financial markets roiled by an apparent leadership vacuum in Washington before he takes office in two months...
No joke about the vacuum. Gail Collins made a semi-serious plea for Cheney and Bush to resign, so Pelosi could turn things over to Obama.

Our 35W bridge didn't fall for lack of maintenance of course. It had an egregious design flaw. Still, there are a lot of roads, bridges, bicycle trails, walking trails, school grounds, state parks, national parks and other public spaces and facilities that could do with a refresh.

Looks like we'll get that.

Incidentally, these YouTube addresses are amazing to me. I can actually watch my leader speak and not feel nauseous and horrified. It's like balm on an old wound.

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