Friday, December 19, 2008

The return of Bush 1998?

Years before Bush destroyed much of America and the world, he was a lucid speaker and even had a reputation as something of a "uniter" -- albeit in Texas, where he was "uniting" the moderate right with the extreme right.

Molly Ivins used to remind us of this, and how amazed she was by the incoherent loon of 2000 onwards.

I heard Bush this morning, and I had the same thought as Talking Points ...

Talking Points Memo | Who Is This Guy?

As one of my colleagues just remarked here, Bush is surprisingly lucid and cogent in explaining why bankruptcy is not a viable option for the automakers in the short run and why doing nothing is not viable in the short or long term.

So, did some brain sucking earwig fall out? Has he been abandoned by his KGB controllers and reverted to a prior mind? Does he have a split personality?


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