Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The $125 Barbie B-Smart Netbook of 2011

barbiebsmart_ Our 6 yo is still using the Barbie B-Smart Learning Laptop she wanted for the Solstice (ok, Christmas).

I thought it was a silly gift even by toy standards, but Emily knew better. It's on the wane, but two months isn't bad for something that's almost pure junk.

Almost junk, because there's a surprising amount of educational software stuck into the tiny black and white display of the "laptop", and the touch pad and mouse really do, sort of, work.

It cost $70, batteries not included.

So what's next for Mattel? Well, it's not hard to imagine some interesting possibilities. By 2011 the cost of manufacturing a battery-free Chromestellation Netbook should fall beneath $100.

Mattel could sell the Barbie B-Smart Netbook for $125 in 2011. There'd be no margin on the sale, but there would be a big margin from bonded online community services, marketing to susceptible minds, and DRMd Chromestellation products.

Big time disruption is on the way.

Microsoft is in big trouble -- unless they decide to go for the jugular.

Hang on.

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