Thursday, March 05, 2009

Brilliant Morford rant

I was wondering how Morford could keep his wonderful rants going in a post-Bush world.

I need not have worried. This is one of his best in a while, and he whacks at the left whiners and the panicked "moderates" alike ...

Ode to the unhappy / Conservatism let you down? Obama nothing more than Bush II? Oh, you poor thing

... This is, quite possibly, the most amusing thing I am hearing from the furious fringe: That Obama's plan will wreak hell on the deficit for generations to come. It's a bit like hearing a Catholic priest scold you on the perils of child abuse. I'm sorry, did you just say that it was fine and good to rape the Treasury for the past decade and worship Big Oil and waste two trillion on a failed and useless war, but redirecting those sums into science, health care, children and alternative energy is a terrible and costly idea?...

...Which leads to the biggest question of all: Can Obama actually be both? Can he truly be a radical Muslim socialist dedicated to destroying the American ideal, and just another empty suit, a cleverly disguised corporate drone enslaved, like every president in history, by the great Matrix of the capitalist machine? Could be, could be.

There is one more option, of course. And that is: Obama, and the America that's following him so passionately right now, are neither of those things in the slightest. And the fact that his extraordinary, nation-altering agenda is right now infuriating the hard right and the hard left, exasperating the Wall Street sycophants and confounding armies of TV pundits and prognosticators, even as he inspires millions of "regular" Americans to get off their butts and do more with their lives, well, this is perhaps the truest sign of all.

When you piss off those kinds of people? You know you're onto something good....

Yes, the piss off test is one of the best.

There's no way Obama is a saint. Anyone who can thrive in American politics has to be both a Machiavellian genius and an egomaniac. What's unique about Obama is that his heritage and pigment obscured the reality that he's a brilliant geek.

America thought they were electing a "black man" and an orator. America mostly missed the fact they we were also electing a Machiavellian genius geek intellectual.

Doesn't mean he's a saint. No bloody way. Means though that we're much luckier than we deserve.


Anonymous said...

Not related but thought you would be interested:

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Anonymous said...

Not related but thought you would be interested:

Cheers, Alan