Friday, March 13, 2009

JAMA Editor does not have an ego deficiency problem

DeAngelis, editor of the largest circulation journal of medical research (JAMA)  has been around a while. The experience evidently hasn't hurt her ego any ...

JAMA Editor Calls Critic a ‘Nobody and a Nothing’ - Health Blog - WSJ

...The call from Fontanarosa was followed up by ones from JAMA editor-in-chief Catherine DeAngelis to Leo’s superiors, Leo says. He said she asked his superiors to get him to retract his article in the BMJ. Leo says he decided to call DeAngelis directly to find out what, in particular, she might be objecting to. He said she was “very upset” but didn’t make specific complaints about the article.

In a conversation with us, DeAngelis was none too happy to be questioned about the dust-up with Leo.

“This guy is a nobody and a nothing” she said of Leo. “He is trying to make a name for himself. Please call me about something important.” She added that Leo “should be spending time with his students instead of doing this.”

When asked if she called his superiors and what she said to them, DeAngelis said “it is none of your business.” She added that she did not threaten Leo or anyone at the school...

DeAngelis has talked with the press before -- so she can't claim naiveté. This is a person with a wisdom deficiency and a temper problem. Maybe Leo really is on to something with his conflict of interest challenge. We'll probably find out, since DeAngelis has now turbocharged his inquiry.

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