Saturday, March 07, 2009

The Machiavellian Dems ...

It's true. We've been studying The Prince (free for iPhone btw).
Charles Blow - Three Blind Mice -

... The Democrats know the Republicans are afraid to confront and disavow Limbaugh, so they keep poking him, and he keeps snapping like a rabid dog. This is a brilliant bit of Machiavellian strategy on the part of the Democrats. (I didn’t know that they had it in them.)..
Alright, I'll confess. This strategy was so obvious it just emerged. It didn't take any cleverness to come up with.

Sigh. We commie-pinkos-liberal-socialists know it's bad. It's bad because we're toying with people, which is certainly not nice -- and we do so want to be nice.

On the other hand, it's such fun. And now the Party of Limbaugh is supposed to be "Going Galt", which is taking comic timing to a whole new level.

We need to stop soon. Really. It's bad for us. Besides, we know the nation desperately needs a reformed GOP or, and this will take too long, a new party to replace the GOP.

Poking Limbaugh isn't helping the GOP reform.

Or maybe it is.


BTW. Charles Blow has a NYT blog, and it's quite good.

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