Friday, March 06, 2009

Misreading Atlas Shrugged

Pompous idiots of America, who are so innumerate they can’t grasp the concept of marginal tax rates, and so ill read they can’t remember Clinton era taxation, have decided to  ‘Go Galt’ in retaliation for … ummm … something.

It’s all so much fun, nearly as much fun as watching the Party of Limbaugh kiss the bum of the Great Bellow. Just imagine Malkin and her kin greeting winter in some Wyoming retreat …

It gets better. I’m told, by a reliable source who refuses to let me use her name, that this isn’t only hysterically funny, it’s also sadly ironic.

Allegedly, the needy adults (no children or disabled persons in Rand’s world) and politicians where not the most despicable characters in Atlas Shrugged. The worst of the worst were corrupt businessmen who bought politicians and sold fraudulent goods to credulous dupes.

The villains, in other words, were the corporate titans of Wall Street Malkin and Limbaugh worship. The Heroes would be more like Steve Jobs or Warren Buffett – major Obama supporters.

Alas, I can’t verify this personally. I don’t deny Rand, though a certified loon, nonetheless had some marvelous insights – but I can’t stand her writing.

Can anyone confirm my source’s recollection? I should add that on matters of this sort I’ve never known her to be wrong.

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