Sunday, April 05, 2009

The twilight of voice mail

Kudos to the NYT for identifying a dying technology ahead of the commentariat. Voice mail is joining the telegram: For Some, Voice Mail Is Losing Its Allure.

I've always disliked voice mail, but I hadn't realized I had so much company.

Like these people I give corporate voice mail low priority. It's rare to have anything useful there -- typically recruiters. The best messages are from our front desk, reminding me to pick up a package. (Home voice mail/answering machines are still important, but that's where Google Voice comes in.)

Between instant messaging, email, mobile phones, Google Voice, and automated transcription corporate voice mail is obsolete.

Corporate voice mail's passing was preceded by the telegram, is accompanied by the expiration of postal mail and newsprint, and is survived, to the bemusement of horror of geekdom, by the immortal fax machine.

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