Saturday, June 27, 2009

Health wars: The armies muster

Towards the end of the Lord of the Rings the armies of the West march upon Mordor. In the movie they're dwarfed by the vast hordes of Sauron.

That's how I see Obama's army (link mine, and I corrected the British "organising") ...
Healthcare - it's make or break for Barack Obama | World news | The Observer
... the town hall meeting is just one aspect of the political machine that Obama is deploying in order to force through healthcare reform. Obama's vast network of online supporters built up during his election campaign is now being swung behind the effort. Called Organizing for America, it has got 500,000 people to commit to volunteering for the healthcare cause. It has released its first advertisements and put paid staff in 31 states to organise locally. Another group, Healthcare for America NOW!, has raised $35m. It has 120 staff in more than 40 states and in April alone staged 102 events related to campaigning for change.
Thirty-five million dollars.

That's so sweet.

Sauron must be shaking in his booties.

Oh well. In the Lord of the Rings the point of Aragon's tiny army was to distract Sauron from the real goal -- tossing the Ring into the pit of fire. Maybe Obama has a top secret plan, and our pathetic forces need only distract the Enemies ....

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