Thursday, August 06, 2009

Blogging about NYT journalists – now with an extra level of proofreading

This is not a first tier, second tier, or even third tier blog. It’s an Nth tier blog. Heck, I don’t even have AdWords!

This is a tiny readership (hi Emily) revenue-free all-but-invisible hobby blog with its own peculiar motivations. So when I write of NYT journalists David Pogue or John Markoff (or, of course, Krugman) I really don’t expect them to read the posts.


In the past week I’ve received corrections under both men’s names. I assume it was either them or an admin, but I tend to think it was them.

In one case I wrote of David Pogue’s “relationship to Apple” when I meant to write “association with Apple”. He politely objected, pointing out his work with Apple is no different than his work with other vendors. A few days previously I speculated that John Markoff had gotten some article information via Wikipedia (not a criticism, that’s where I got it), he said it came from an interview.

I don’t think either of these two journalists, both well respected in the geek community, are regular readers. I instead assume that the Times is reviewing blog posts linking to Times articles and flagging items that might merit correction. (Not for Krugman though – that would be a hopeless task.)

I’m impressed. It helps the Times manage its reputation. It’s certainly put me on my toes. I generally write quickly and hastily, but the next time I cite a NYT journalist I’ll be exceptionally attentive. It’s embarrassing to be corrected, even when it’s done so politely.


Richard Neill said...

Don't be so surprised...

Unknown said...

HI John,

First.. boy do I wish I had an admin! (for godsakes I barely have a job...) Second, I'm also surprised you missed the obvious. Maybe its because I still have scars from earlier wars with the blogosphere, but I have set up little filters with both Google and Technorati, so every time my name is mentioned I'm alerted. Probably vanity, but hey, it lets me know when people think I'm nuts, unethical, or whatever. I respond when I feel criticism is civil...


JGF said...

It's all a matter of perspective.

To me, John, you are a very titan of tech and science journalism who's experience and words ought to move industries. You must therefore have admins and minions to track and respond to blogospheric comments.

To yourself you are but one passenger on a late 19th century sailing ship coming apart in a storm. You feel fortunate to have a working electrical outlet.

Whatever the truth, I'm a fan!