Friday, October 16, 2009

Google reader micro-blogging and changes to Gordon Notes

Twitter is the most famous form of micro-blogging, but it doesn't fit into my memory management strategy and it doesn't help me communicate. So I don't do Twitter.

I do, however, love Google Reader. Many of the smaller blog posts I used to do are now iPhone authored comments on Google Reader articles I've shared and annotated.

So if you read this blog, you might like the Google Reader shared item stream. I've added a link to my GR share/annotation feed to my blogger template -- so it should show below each post.
For more of the tech details, hop over to Gordon’s Tech.
(Note: The first version of this post was removed due to apparent Google bugs with my shared item feed. These seem to have remitted for the moment, so I’m restoring the post)

My Google Reader Shared items (feed)

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