Friday, October 16, 2009

Jim Carrey - enemy of the enlightenment

A recent NYT article about a non-rational attack on H1N1 immunization mentioned this group is now active against immunization, because of a faith-based belief that autism arises from immunization ...

...“Green Our Vaccines” rally, led by the celebrity couple Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey and organized and funded by Talk About Curing Autism (TACA), Generation Rescue (upon whose board McCarthy now sits)...
Carrey joins Oprah in the class of people who combine non-rational and harmful beliefs with the power of wealth and celebrity.

Anyone know of a rogues gallery of these enemies of enlightenment 2.0? We need an annual award ceremony where these sad fools receive appropriate recognition. Maybe SEFORA could launch one? Brad, you're good at this sort of thing ...

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Unknown said...

Greetings, there are some questions about H1N1 immunizations. To be name calling, not the radical ones but the people who do have questions, appears to me to be very shortsighted.

Enlightenment is more about being open to diverse opinions.

I am one of many thousand parents who's children could not manage the inoculations at an early age because of serious allergenic reactions, life threatening immune system reactions.

As much as allopathic medicines have changed the world for the better, there should always be room for debate.

Your comments appeared to be leaning to the dogmatic and many a sad fool has, in fact, as history shows us, , been quite the opposite.

A little respect for those with views that stand opposite to yours, even if you represent the majority, cannot be a bad thing.

Your stance could use a little modesty, the science of medicine still has plenty of room for advancement.

Warm regards, Alan