Wednesday, January 06, 2010

The spooky power of Google Suggest

Some people buy new cars every few years.

We drive our cars into the ground. Our 12 yo Subaru wagon won't start, so it's a goner. There's not much to salvage, except our uber-geeky SONY CDX-GT610UI MP3, AAC, USB, iPod etc car stereo.

I didn't know how to remove it, so I start typing "how to remove car .." and Google gives me several good options, including one that talks about doing without a "DIN tool".

Where can I buy a DIN tool? Google suggest throws up the Scosche DIN Radio Removal Tool.

The searches themselves were anticlimactic. Google Suggest had already done the heavy lifting.


PS. Ok, so the reality isn't quite as magical as I make it out to be. I had the PDF installation guide and between it and some light Google work I figured out I actually need a special anti-theft SONY-specific "release key". Still, Google Suggest is seriously cool.

Update 1/9/10: Ok, so, in retrospect, my first search was wrong. Turned out that my 12 yo Subara installation didn't use the standard kit at all. Wiki Answers told me how to remove the unit from my 1997 Subaru Legacy. I did, however, discover something interesting about the business of selling answers.
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