Thursday, August 05, 2010

After Wave, who will Google kill next?

In my 3rd edition of Google - The Quick, The Sick and the (near) Dead I had Wave on the Walking Dead list ...
Gordon's Notes: Google: The Quick, the Sick and the Dead - 3rd edition:

... The Walking Dead
Blogger (because Google can't fix the #$!$!$ draft editor, there's still no mobile view, and the 5000 item limit goes unfixed)
Google Groups
Google Sites
Google desktop (search)
Google Base
Gmail Tasks (forgotten, useless)
Google Wave
Firefox/IE toolbars (killed by Chrome)
Google Talk (neglected, Chat confusion)
Google Parental Controls
Now that Wave has died, what's next? I just checked Google Base, and it's now worse than walking dead. On the other hand, Google quietly fixed Blogger's 5000 item list, so it's moved up to the merely Sick list.

My votes for the next four to die ...
  • Google Base - though arguably it's dead now.
  • Google Desktop (widgets)
  • Google Groups
  • Knol


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Excellent. I'd forgotten about ghealth. Hard for them to drop though, too many contractual relationships.