Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Profile of the tech giants – some surprises

In the midst of an unremarkable summary of the state of the Microsoft-Intel alliance, The Economist has a remarkable graphic (click for full size):


I was surprised by …

  • IBM’s net income: Do they really deliver that much value?
  • Apple has a lot more employees than I’d imagined. They’re more than 1/3 of Microsoft’s head count!
  • How many people work for Apple, Google and Intel (non-consulting companies). In each case I’d have guessed a fraction of this total. (I knew Microsoft had a huge head count)

It takes a lot of people to run a tech company …


chrismealy said...

All lot of those Apple employees work in their retail stores.

IBM still makes a lot of money on legacy mainframe systems.

JGF said...

If Apple has 10 stores/state and 20 employees/store that would be 10,000 or so employees. Still leaves a lot but retail does explain a good chunk of their employee count.

JGF said...

Oh, and great link to the mainframe revenue numbers!