Monday, August 02, 2010

Pole of inaccessibility

This morning I listened to the excellent IOT program on Antarctica. I didn't know ice flowed like molten meta.

Because of that, for the first time, I noticed "Pole of Inaccessibility" on a world map that included the Antarctic ...
Pole of inaccessibility - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
... The Southern Pole of Inaccessibility is far more remote and difficult to reach than the Geographic South Pole. On 14 December 1958, the 3rd Soviet Antarctic Expedition for International Geophysical Year research work, led by Yevgeny Tolstikov, established the temporary Pole of Inaccessibility Station (Polyus Nedostupnosti) at 82deg 06′S 54deg 58′E. A second Russian team returned there in 1967. Today a building still remains at this location, marked by a bust of Vladimir Lenin that faces towards Moscow, and it is protected as a historical site. Inside the building there is a golden visitors' book for those who make it to the site to sign.
Wouldn't you love to be able to sign that book? I mean, really.

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