Saturday, September 25, 2010

A Google-Apple detente - why?

It's not just the return of GV Mobile. It's also changes in Apple's advertising revenue model, a general quieting of Apple-Google rhetoric, and hints from well connected bloggers.

There are hints of a truce in the Apple-Google wars.

If a truce is coming, it's fair to ask why now. My guesses ...
  1. Google has realized how evil Verizon is -- and Brin/Page are pushing back against Schmidt. The carriers are the great enemy.
  2. Apple and Google believe the Windows Phone will not suck, and that Nokia will use it.
  3. Facebook shafted Apple at the Ping product launch, and the Apple/Facebook affair is over.
  4. Google has realized they can't do end user software.
  5. Apple has realized it can't do the Cloud.
  6. Apple and Google see big money in a joint approach to credential and identity management.
  7. The iPad.
  8. Schmidt is on the way out (ok, that's a bit farfetched).
  9. China.
Update 9/28/2010: Detente is real.

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