Thursday, September 22, 2011

Facebook vs. G+: not in the same ballpark

Rebecca Rosen asks Is Facebook Forever?

Of course in our world "forever" is any double digit lifespan.

I might like to think Facebook won't be here in 5 years, but consider my graduate school students.

I asked how many use Google Reader. Three hands went up. Three out of forty or so.

I asked how many use G+. The same three. Geeks like me.

I asked, reluctantly, how many use Facebook. Most hands went up.



cathy said...

I started using Google Reader when my workplace blocked your site (nothing personal,it happens for a few days with any new domain name). GR is now the basis of my internet addiction - it's like having a buffet table in front of you instead of having to think about what you would like to eat. I can't believe so few of my friends use it.

JGF said...

I think Reader use defines a kind of tribe - the infovore. Hope you're ok with this, but that's a geek tribe.

Maybe we need a handshake?

Lots of journalists also do GR, but for them it's work.

I've been thinking GR's future was dim, but I recently learned that the G+ team is largely GR veterans -- and there's a promise of a GR referesh and G+ integration on the way.

That ought to breathe new life into it.