Sunday, September 04, 2011

Google Quick, Sick and Dead - 6th edition.

It's been only four months since the 5th edition of Google Quick, Sick and Dead - 5th edition. It's been a busy time though, with the launch of G+ and Google recently announcing another set of official closures. The terminations were of products I thought had already been discontinued, so I don't have them listed below.

As with prior editions this is a review of the Google Services I use personally - so Android is not on the list. Items that have moved up or are new are green, items that have moved down or officially discontinued are red, in parens is the prior state.

For me personally the news is not good -- both Google Reader and Google Custom Search are now on the Dead list (though Google has finally fixed the broken icon that was displaying with custom search). These are two of my favorite Google services, but neither of them deliver significant ad revenue to Google. That, in a nutshell, is the problem with relying on Google's cloud. G+ is mildly interesting, but so far it's not doing anything useful for me.

The Quick (Q)
  • Google Scholar (Q)
  • Gmail (Q)
  • Chrome browser (Q)
  • Picasa Web Albums (Q)
  • Calendar (Q)
  • Maps and Earth (Q)
  • News (Q)
  • Google Docs (Q)
  • Google Voice (Q)
  • Google Search (Q)
  • Google (Gmail) Tasks (Q)
  • YouTube (Q)
  • Google Apps (Q)
  • Google Profile (Q)
  • Google Contacts (Q)
  • GooglePlus - G+ (new)
  • Blogger (S)
The Sick (S)
  • Google’s Data Liberation Front (S)
  • Google Translate (S)
  • Books (S)
  • Google Mobile Sync (S)
  • Google Checkout (S)
  • iGoogle (S)
The Walking Dead (D)
  • Buzz (D)
  • Google Groups (D)
  • Google Sites (D)
  • Knol (D)
  • Firefox/IE toolbars (D)
  • Google Talk (D)
  • Google Parental Controls (D)
  • Google Reader (S)
  • Orkut (S)
  • Custom search engines (S)
  • Google Video Chat (S) - replaced by G+ Hangout
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