Friday, June 22, 2012

Wayback machine: My 2001 web site

The Wayback machine archived at least part of my old web site in 2001...

It was just a personal site, I think it is cool that a shade of it lives on, and of course for me it's fun to see the old page.

The menu on the right side included things of interest over a decade ago
  • A "starter" page for family physicians (used to teach net use)
  • FrontPage (97) esp: how to use
  • WiFi for home
  • MORE and GrandView - old beloved apps
  • My personal medical notes
  • Our Family News page (still active and updated)
  • Commuting bike page (still gets many hits, but it's archived)
  • Palm and "WWAN" - which back then was wireless wide area networking -- a bit before the BB, much less the iPhone
The site was dependent on a robust wysiwyg personal web site editor, and that technology died around 2001. On July 19, 2002, when my brother was lost, I wrote my first blog post. Almost ten years ago.

I archived the site in 2011, but the old links still work (they're simply not exposed) and I still search the site. If I ever find a replacement for FrontPage 97 I would at least like to resurrect the bicycling page in my domain. (When I retire I can go back to hosting pages under my "real name".)

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