Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Apple's profits disappoint. So what has Apple done for me lately?

Apple's margins disappointed today, and the stock dropped.

Coincidentally, I just ordered a Nexus 7 for $200.
Or maybe that's not entirely coincidental. What, after all, has Apple done for me lately?
Apple forced me to migrate from MobileMe/OS X to iCloud/Lion - causing significant pain for my family and me with zero perceived benefits. Actually, less than zero benefits. Lion is a slug on our previously lively MacBook, and iCloud has added nothing but severe pain while eliminating iWeb and Gallery.
Apple botched the MobileMe Gallery to iPhoto transition, destroying some user's iPhoto Libraries (I was spared that one).
Ten years late Apple enabled iPhoto Library integration -- but incompletely and only with Aperture and Lion (this is actually the least of their sins).
Apple is changing the iPhone Dock Connector. That would be tolerable if they were going to something that was USB standard compatible, but rumor expects another proprietary connector.
I could go on. Bottom line - Apple has done a lot for me over the past decade, but not so much over the past two years.
That's part of why I ordered a Nexus 7 today rather than wait for an iPad 8". If the Nexus works I'll wait until next spring to look at the iPad. Maybe. Google is definitely evil, but lately they've been less incompetent than Apple.
Evil is bad, but incompetence is worse.

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