Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Zenith CruisePad 1996

I found this in some archives.

A little bit of history from 1996. An antecedent to the iPad, the CruisePad was a wireless thin client sold into healthcare verticals ...

Zenith just announced its MultiCruise system that supports 5-60 simultaneous users of its mobile CruisePAD (640x480 VGA LCD 3.2 lb with integrated touch- or stylus-activated dignitzer panel). The system works with standard DOS, WIndows 3.x, Windows 95, and Windows NT applications. The wireless communication uses Integrated Spread Spectrum Frequency Hopping radio that supports a standard range of up to 500 feet in office environments, unlimited range if a network of CruiseLAN/Access Point nodes is installed. Thus, a clinic could implement an interactive EMR system enabling clinicians with CruisePADs to access the system anywhere in the clinic without hard wiring PC's in every room. A complete 5-user system, including single Pentium (upgradable to 4 processors) server with 36MB RAM (upgradable to 768MB), 850MB HD (upgradable to 24GB), keyboard, montor, 5 CruisePADs, and an extended version of Windows NT Server lists for "about $15,000."

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