Friday, June 28, 2013 and traffic post the end of Google Reader

Inspired by this Rumproarious post on the effects of the Google Reader shutdown announcement of mid-March 2013 (data excludes custom domains hosted by blogger or wordpress).



That's ... impressive. I'm still puzzled that WordPress didn't have a stronger response to the Google Reader shutdown. My best guess is that they'd already decided to abandon the business.

It will be interesting to return to this topic in six months. I'm amazed how many good alternatives have already emerged to Google Reader. I didn't think we'd have so many choices.

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Martin said...

Sites with RSS feeds should actually see more traffic without Google Reader since Google had to access each new article only once …

What you observed is probably not linked to Google Reader but could as well be a shift to Tumblr:

Serious blogging is usually not done via a generic platform, you're an exception. And casual blogging probably moves more and more to less complex platforms or even social media like Twitter.

John Gordon said...

Good observations, they all make sense to me.