Friday, August 09, 2013

Americans traveling through Canada: Telecom 2013

It goes something like this:

  • Remove my personal (iPhone) mobile number from my work Google Voice (GV) account and set that number to forward all calls or SMS as transcribed text to my email.
  • Add my iPhone mobile number to my personal GV account and make GV the voicemail service for that number. Turn off call forward, set to forward GV calls or SMS as transcribed text.
  • Change iPhone GV app to use my personal GV account
  • Make Emily GV the voice mail for her cell, confirm her iPhone GV app is correct
  • Set home phone to forward to Emily GV
  • Pay AT&T $30 prorated for 80 min Canadian talk on my iPhone cell number (locked phone)
  • In Canada buy Virgin Mobile SIM & 1GB data ($30 or so) for daughter's unlocked 4S and make that a hotspot.

On return, undo all.

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