Saturday, August 03, 2013

Will Facebook become a local event and activity service?

Today I learned of a 3-4 year old local bicycling group aimed at families with children ages 6-13. I'd have jumped a this a few years ago, and even now we might join a ride -- though our kids are getting old for this group.

What's interesting was how I learned of the "Mill City Maniacs". I heard about them through Pedal Minnesota's Facebook page (interesting funding btw). That's how I learn about most of the interesting activities in the Twin Cities metro area -- through Facebook Pages for government groups, nonprofits, advocacy organizations, and even commercial businesses. Even if Facebook did nothing else, these pages would keep me looking at it (until the video ads come online, then I may be done).

Which makes me wonder if that's where Facebook will end up.

I especially wonder that because so few of my friends and family post to Facebook. A few do (and I love reading your stuff!), but they are a tiny minority. I'm guessing that of the 400+ friends and family I'd like to follow on Facebook about 50 actively read FB and perhaps 10 post at least weekly. Over the past three years Facebook participation within my social network has been dwindling.

From what I read in geek circles, I don't think I'm unique.

On the other hand, the value of the Pages I follow has been increasing -- and many (but not all) of those organizations would pay Facebook modest sums.

It's not a huge business, but at scale it's a business.

I wonder if that's where Facebook will go.

Which will make the name anachronistic.

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