Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Election 2014: post-mortem

Why did it turn out the way it did?
  • electoral map
  • midterm bias to GOP base (turnout)
  • voters unhappy with personal economic experience.
  • reversion to mean on social issues - especially male response to gay marriage, women's issues
Whose interests are served by outcome?
  • the 1%, especially the 0.1%
  • megacorps (corporate tax reduction)
What policies are likely to be advanced?
  • corporate tax reduction
What policies will now be delayed or reversed?
  • ObamaCare (McConnell means what he says)
  • Carbon control
  • Immigration changes
  • Economic equality agenda
  • Bank and finance controls
  • Disinflation response
What are implications for 2016?
  • Probably helps Dems
What do I think?
  • Disappointing, not surprising.

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