Friday, June 29, 2018


Ten. Consecutive. Dubs.

It’s not too much to ask, is it?

Oh, and one muscle-up. Or bar muscle-up. I’m not picky.

Dubs aren’t that hard. Most CrossFit newcomers figure it out in a few months, maybe a year. I don’t know anyone who has failed as persistently as I have.

A few months ago I got 8. It was a bit of a fluke. I’ve gotten 5 or more several times. I looked like a meth-addled feeding frenzy but, like I said, not picky.

Then I started to get worse. Finally I couldn’t get any at all.

I think I’ve figured out what happened. My technique got better. Instead of swinging my forearms I learned to do singles with my wrists — like you’re supposed to. Turns out my wrists can’t move the rope fast enough. I don’t have anywhere near the coordination. This isn’t only being Old, I’ve had horrible coordination all my life. Old isn’t helpful though.

Once I thought of this I went back to the arm swinging feeding frenzy and I can do a few again. So I’ll practice that for a while. Preferably somewhere nobody can see me. Which means not my gym, where sympathetic looks of sorrow and helpless frustration are hard to bear.

Meanwhile, I can work on those lat pulldowns.

8/6/2018: I0. Also, in that set, some 7s, 8s and a 9. #lifegoal

8/12/2018: 14

12/19/2018: 42 consecutive.

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