Thursday, September 20, 2018

CrossFit 59 and so on

I used to write a birthday blog post each year about doing CrossFit. I missed this year; probably because its kind of a regular thing now. I had several personal best lifts this year, but none in the past couple of months. Still not bad for almost 60. Stronger than I was at 55, much stronger than I was at 40. I finally did more than 10 consecutive dubs (14!) … and then I dropped back to doing a few at a time. I still haven’t done a bar muscle-up, but I haven’t given up. I think I’m more impacted by heat than I used to be. My cardio isn’t improving much but it’s probably no worse when the temperature is good.

There is one new thing. My 16yo daughter started doing CF with me this summer. She’s progressing quickly; she’ll be doing sets of 50 dubs within a year. She’s good at CrossFit and it makes her happy. She hangs with very healthy, very fun, women from ages 20s to (maybe?) 50s. Pretty great role models.

I have no currently active wear and tear injuries, despite my familial arthritis. Shoulders, knees, wrists, back, hands, ankles — all behaving for a change. I don’t know why. Bodies are weird. I can do CF four or five times a week rather than just three times. Maybe I’m just better at scaling.

PS. For my birthday this year I got a mountain bike tire and some mountain bike shorts.

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