Sunday, March 15, 2020

Exercise and sanity in the time of you-know-what

Fellow exercise addicts -- let's examine our options...
  1. Trail, road, gravel biking. Extreme aerosol diffusion. Antiviral ultraviolet radiation built in. Social distance built in. Definite good. Buy your gravel bike now before they're all gone, but any road bike will do. Start commuting by bike.
  2. Mountain biking. Same, but different bike.
  3. Running. Hard to be less social. Trail runs nicer. For St Paul MN -- Battle Creek!
  4. Garage Gym. Get that car out of there. Who cares about cars anyway? Bench, bar, weights, programming from your local CrossFit franchise. Get some friends together at a distance (byob).
  5. Your local CrossFit ... class sizes will be smallish. Open the big doors and spread outside where the air flow is amazing. Dress for the occasion. Learn to love open air deadlift and those $!$^@ runs and rows and such.
  6. Golf. Chase (Tim) wants this. Lots of social distance! Don't share clubs :-).
  7. Lake swimming. Cold in MN March, but eventually ...
  8. Inline Skating! Time for a comeback. Get those blades out of the attic. Airflow, etc. Join the Facebook Minnesota Inline Skate Club Group.
  9. Hiking. Slow trail running for the win.
  10. Rock climbing outdoors. Sweat and blood do not transmit. Maybe don't spit on the rope?
  11. Paddling! Canoe, Kayak -- air flow, social distancing, perfect.
  12. Fishing -- not much exercise, but good for sanity.
  13. Tennis -- don't spit on the ball.
Things governments should do to help morale:

  1. Free fishing licenses!
  2. Waive state park fees.

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