Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Missing iPhone cut, copy, paste lost in patent wars?

The Palm is dead. The Blackberry deserves to die.

So I'm ready for the iPhone, even if it's missing critical features.


How the #$!$# can I live without cut, copy and paste? The Palm has that. Every machine I've used in decades had it. It's absurd that there's still no CCP in iPhone 2.

So why?

I don't believe it's that hard to do. Good enough is a lot better than nothing.

So why?

One clue is a patent application from months ago:
Apple Depicts Advanced Multitouch Gesturing Control Panel in Mac OS X - Mac Forums

...editing operations such as Copy, Cut, Paste, Undo, Select All, Tab, and Cancel using gestures based on your Thumb and Two Fingers...
Could CCP be tied up in a patent battle somewhere? Is that why Apple won't show it?

Anyone have another theory? I'm all eyes.

It's scary insane not to have this functionality yet ...

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Anonymous said...

A buddy of mine used to work for MS Mobile devision and when I started using the Blackjack he kindly gave me I complained about there being no cut copy paste in smartphone addition of windowdose mobile. His simple reply was "patent issue". I would guess this is all part of the same thing...